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I am a Wife to the most wonderful man in the world *Patrick*, Mom to 2 boys *Patrick and Daniel* and I have 2 fur babies *Cheyenne and Harley* both kitties! I have been a crafter all my life in one form or another! I became a Stampin' Up Demo in September 2009!! I have been scrapbooking since 1997 and have discovered card making and other paper crafts and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Back... I Think

Hello Crafters,
I know I have been away for a LOOOONG time, but I am back now : ) maybe not 100% but I'm going to try! I and my family have had some medical issues and other personal stuff that kept me from crafting! I had my Thyroid out back in 2009 due to "Graves" disease! So I have to take a synthetic hormone and unfortunately it can cause severe depression in some people, I am one : (! I do take antidepressants, but I can still sometimes fall into a bad "funk"! My latest "funk" came on because of my husband having some problems with his hands going numb for days on end, it took a few weeks for the Dr to figure out that it was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! A bad case! He has since had surgery on his left hand and we are waiting on the right in the fall, giving his left hand time to heal 100%! Because of finances he couldn't take the 2 weeks off work that the Dr wanted him too, he only got 2 days! I don't work outside the home because of my lower back, I pushed myself to hard after my surgery in 2009 and ended up hurting myself! Part of my problem was it took my Dr a long time to regulate my Thyroid levels and I gained A LOT of weight back after losing A LOT when I was sick the year before my Thyroid was removed : (! I can't stand for more then 5 to 10 minutes without pain! I have been to a Chiropractor and have done Physical Therapy twice but nothing seems to work! So I just do what I can around the house, we have the WORLDS BEST KIDS : ), my sons help around the house sooooo much! OK that is enough wining from me LOL sorry! I have kept up with checking my favorite bloggers and have some ideas that I am working on! So if you have read this far "THANK YOU" for "listing" to my little rant : )! My spirits are up for the time being so I'm going to craft away and I will have a crafty post for you soon! If you personally know me and find some of this a surprise, I'm good at hiding my woes and have a hard time asking for any sympathy or help LOL I am working on that! So please keep me and my family in your prayers as I always have all of you in mine!

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